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Wine has been around for centuries, it’s a complex drink that can take years to perfect. There is history and science inside every bottle. We’ve been delving into the origins of wine production and bring you some fun facts to mull over when you next enjoy a glass or two!
• Wine is made in virtually every country in the world.
• Ever wondered why you store wine laying down? If the bottle is standing up, the cork could dry out and shrink, possibly dropping into the wine.
• To get the same amount of antioxidants you find in wine, you would need to drink 20 glasses of apple juice or seven glasses of orange juice.
• “Drinking to one’s health” came from ancient Greece. The host of dinner would take the first sip to assure his guests the wine was not poisoned.
• Wonder why tasters ‘swirl’ the wine in their glass? They do this to release its powerful aromas.
• In fact, wine ‘tastings’ are somewhat inaccurately named – top sommeliers agree that smell is by far the most important sense when it comes to drinking wine.