Green wine anyone…?

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While we usually choose from red, white or rosé, did you know there was green wine too? Our wine list contains a selection of wines that have been produced organically or using practices that protect the environment or that are suitable for vegetarians or vegans.

GreenWinesOur extensive wine list has clearly marked symbols so you know exactly what’s what. Here’s what those symbols mean:

Certified Organic
No chemical fertilisers, herbicides, fungicides or insecticides are allowed in organic vineyards. The only permitted sprays are mineral-based (such as copper and sulphur), which stay on the plant surface and are not absorbed by the vine. It can take several years for a vineyard to convert to organic production and only then can official recognition come from its government or affiliated association.

Vegetarian/Vegan Wines
We find vegetarian and vegan wines are increasingly requested by our customers. The main area of concern is the use of animal-based products for fining and stabilising wine. Those vegetarian and vegan wines we list, we have been assured, do not use any of these products.

Environmental Considerations
Any decision or action made during the wine process must have its impact on the environment considered. At every level, the effects are monitored and assessed. Many winemakers begin on the road to organic or sustainable viticulture this way.

Sustainable Practices Accredited
Often recognised by a national body, winemakers are encouraged to follow practices that protect the environment whilst environmentally, socially and economically producing good wine.

So now you can say ‘cheers’ with a clear conscience!